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Overcome emetophobia in St.Heliers, Auckland.

What is Emetophobia?

Do you have an irrational fear of being ill? Perhaps the very idea of someone near you being unwell makes you panic? If so you might have emetophobia (also known as ‘vomit phobia’, phagophobia or specific phobia of vomiting.) You might have had this properly diagnosed by a doctor, or it may be that you’re suffering in silence. Like many other sufferers, perhaps it’s even been misdiagnosed as an eating disorder. Help is at hand with The Thrive Programme®.



You might even think that you are the only person in the world who thinks like this but emetophobia is more common than you think, with approximately 3-5% of the population suffering from it and many suffering alone and even going to great lengths to hide it from friends and family.

The good news is that you’re not alone, and the better news is that you don’t have to live with this fear. You don’t have to master techniques to learn how to cope with it, you can overcome it completely with The Thrive Programme®.

All the videos down the side of this page are from people who have already cured themselves of emetophobia using this programme!

Rob Kelly – creator of The Thrive Programme® – is the expert on emetophobia. He has lectured on the subject globally and personally helped several hundred people to overcome their phobia for good. His work in private practice and the poor recognition and treatment of emetophobia has led to the publication of ‘Cure your Emetophobia & Thrive’, the workbook than will enable you to understand the cause of your phobia and ensure that you know what to do to overcome it.

This programme is the most successful treatment for a phobia of yourself – or others – being sick. In our recent survey all 64 participants overcame their phobia in just 6-8 weeks. Click here to view the research.

The Thrive Programme® is NOT therapy: the course teaches you how to regain control of your own life. On average it takes only 6-8 weeks for sufferers – even life-long sufferers – to be free of this debilitating and isolating phobia.

Working through the programme I will teach you how to build strong psychological foundations and to address your thinking styles and beliefs – in order to make lasting, significant changes that will completely change your life for the better. As you learn to Thrive – and your thinking, beliefs and emotions become more under control – your fear of being sick will just disappear, just like it did for all the people in the videos on the right of this page.

From a recent client:
After living most of my life with Emetophobia…well really it’s more like ‘suffering’ my way through life with Emetophobia, I had reached a very closed off, argumentative and stress filled state that was effecting my marriage. Before i got to this stage I just had to look after myself, which I controlled quite well with a lot of avoidance and behaviour patterns. NO travelling, very FUSSY with food, NO alcohol, only sit in AISLE seats, must read my HOROSCOPE to know that the day will be ok, always have an excuse ready to leave a social situation WHEN I start to feel unwell…..you know what I’m talking about – you do this too!
I had worked myself into a major corner and when I had my little boy the issues grew larger and larger. How did I even let myself go through pregnancy? I don’t know, but I did. (albeit a blurry memory of laying in bed a lot with overwhelming anxiety and a bottle of anti nausea spray.)
Anyway…I had sought help from my G.P, a private Psychiatrist in the city for 2 years and then the public health service councillors. They all had a go at breaking my life down, going through it analysing things trying to find reasons why, helped me through visual exposure exercises (worst idea ever!) until they ended up saying they had pretty much done everything they could and we were just talking over the same stuff, so I needed to accept that I am a person who has severe anxiety and learn to ‘live with it’ and manage it with breathing techniques! “What the F…” while my G.P continued to get frustrated with me for not taking the medication she kept prescribing. (DUH, I can’t take pills, they have a chance of side effects. I can’t swallow them anyway)
In the New Year of 2016 I went missing one evening. My parents found me parked at the south coast after the sun had set. They drove me back home to my husband and darling 3 yr old boy.

In July of 2016 I broke. I looked the love of my life in the eyes and told him that I was leaving, so that him and our baby could get on with their lives and not live this craziness anymore. I was saving my son from ending up like me! I was stone cold and got in my car and went for a drive.

1 minute later as I approached the bottom of the hill, had I been 2 seconds ahead of myself, I would have been completely taken out by a young male who sped through the stop sign and didn’t even look in my direction at all. He would have hit my door, that would have been me….GREAT! this shit would have been over. Job done. But, my husband would have thought that I finally did it, on purpose. The last thing I would have said to him was that I was going to prepare to leave our marriage and my child.
I ended up in a bawling mess on the computer later that day and typed yet again ‘Emetophobia Help’, but into youtube by mistake, instead of Google.
All these testimonial videos came up and seminars by Rob Kelly. For the first time EVER, I had hope and the biggest sense of relief.
Family, friends, professional health people couldn’t help me, they never really understood the fear. Paralysing FEAR from emetophobia. Here were people explaining in detail what I was living and going through. I found the 1 consultant in NZ – Jeanette, and started the THRIVE programme immediately. And I mean immediately. I emailed Jeanette and she responded within and hour! Sent the text book the very next day!
She completely got it. The book totally blew my mind. It breaks down who you are as a person and why you think the way you do. There were things I changed as soon as I read them! It doesn’t even focus on emetophobia that much it’s all about positives and raising your self esteem.

I loved going through the programme and learning about belief systems and Locus of Control. I am taking a bit longer than others with some of my goals, but as a person I am so much better for doing this. We had weekly 1 hour sessions on Skype, which was great for Jeanette to pull me into line with a few thought processes. I am looking forward to Christmas and in a really great place in my marriage. I am enjoying my son instead of being terrified of him. I want to help getting knowledge about this programme out to the public, so that any person silently suffering and hiding it from everyone they know, because they are embarrassed, thinking they are the only one enduring this kind of life, can finally know, there ARE heaps of others like them also hiding it and that there is a way to overcome it”.


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There is a dedicated YouTube channel for emetophobes – Emetophobia Expert – featuring videos from some of Thrive Programme® events, and testimonials from former sufferers whose lives have been significantly turned around since they completed The Programme.

Mary cured herself after suffering for 75 years – and it only took her six weeks. If Mary can do it, so can you!

Mary is now over 80 and she suffered from emetophobia for over seventy-five years. Having tried a number of treatments – including everything the NHS could throw at her – she was convinced that she would never overcome her sickness anxiety. However once she had studied The Thrive Programme®, she decided to try it for herself, with life-changing results.

If you want to overcome emetophobia in St.Heliers, Auckland, why not watch Rob Kelly’s presentation at the first Emetophobia Awareness Day – from the Royal Society of Medicine – which gives more information about this debilitating anxiety-inducing phobia.

The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing psychological training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!

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Help to overcome Emetophobia (fear of vomiting/being sick/seeing others being sick) in St.Heliers, Auckland.